Sunday, January 13, 2013

it's very cold outside

'karl' has been having some fire time in the house and although clementine has written him off - levi seems to be succumbing to karls powers of purrsuasion --

Karl - "I'd sure like to be a bit closer to that fire"

Karl -"you just sleeeep little doggie"

Karl - "that's it don't mind little old me"

Levi - "I'm not sure about this"
Karl - "you don't see me levi - I'm not even here"

Levi - "He 'thinks' he's so damn clever... "

Levi - "mom how long do I have to put up with him"

Levi - "....sigh.... oh well I guess he's ok..."


WeekendFarmer said...

Cute cat! Smart lil things they are.

Love the painting of the rooster. Amazing job. One lucky recipient of that gift.

I wonder where on earth do you find a big/long table cloth for such a grand table!!?? I love it. I think in my last life I was Italian lol. Happy 2013!

Clare Carver said...

Hey WF - thanks for the nice comment - the table cloth is just a long piece of white heavy duty cotton from the fabric store that I bought in one LONG piece and then I put mix and match other cloths for 'regular' size tables on top for every day use .. so I'm not washing one big cloth all the time and it's fun and pretty : ) ... here's to big table and good food -- c

KAB said...

"And the lion shall lay down with the lamb…"

Though it's up to you to decide which is which in this case. So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Love the Levi Karl Convo! Totally real! thanks! said...

hehehe hahahah

Carver Family in Vermont said...

so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany said...

Karl is adorable...and clever.