Thursday, June 30, 2011

tackling cows

So most people have a cattle shoot and a proper set up for 'working cows' that means the cow hand is not actually handling the cow - well not here at big table farm we call Duane and he brings over some stiff drinks and a rope we all head out to the pasture...

We herded the cows into a corner Duane roped each one and then he and Brian body tackled the calf down then I jumped in there with a syringe clenched in my teeth for tetanus shot and clamp in my hands for the gonads (poor boys!) -- then Laura gave them a squirt of mineral in the mouth and we're done.. what a team!! it was kind of fun actually .... now if we had more than a few cows to do - which will happen next year I think we may need a proper set up but for now...this was the old school down home way of castration ... sadly no pictures my hands were full!!


Anonymous said...

I think no pics was a good idea this time anyway friend. Sending prayers your way for a truly wonder-filled weekend! Bee

Joseph said...

The farm looked incredible.

I put a few pics on my facebook page.