Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The final calf of spring !! and She's perfect

Josephine had her calf today and it's a little heifer and she is perfect, healthy and beautiful - we are thrilled to have a heifer and most especially by our favorite cow both for her confirmation and her fabulous disposition. Still working on her name it's gonna have to be a good one!! It's a good day!

Also my nephew Zander is out working with us on the farm for a bit. He's a great guy! : ) and the garden is finally gonna get in .. today was the spreading the last of the compost! yippie!!

Jesse, Haley's bull calf born just before memorial day, is doing great! more photos of him coming too!!


KAB said...

Since they're all J's, how about Jasmine or Jezebel? There's Jemima, too…

Cecelia (CC) said...

pinch me!

That face.
She is divine,

Thx for the story.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks Prudence or Patience xox Bee