Wednesday, April 20, 2011

bees and butter

my beautiful new hive to ad to the garden (design and build by the lovely laura)!! put your order in now for next year!!)-- now to see if the other hive splits and makes two!! so exciting!!!

last years hive (another one build by laura) is BUZZING : ) if all goes according to plan which is really my LAST expectation as that never happens on a farm the old hive which is thriving will swarm this spring and 1/2 the hive will stay home and grow and the the other half will look for and find this new home laura built!... we put it were I have seen swarms the last two years as they really try to build hives in my house : ) voila two hives from one : ) ...I'll keep you posted...

Had to show you the color of the butter I made from my raw milk farmers grass fed cows -- who's milk and cream I LOVE!!! ... : )


spud lust said...

Thanks for the post my dear...don't forget to put hay in the screened box under the roof!


Anonymous said...

"spud lust" - love that handle! What a beautiful hive - lovely handwork! Hurry up bees! xo bee

panthercreekcottage said...

Those lovely hives would be "warre" hives, right? they are so pretty and I like the calming blue color you painted them, any swarm would be lucky to have such a beautiful stylin' new hive as you have there. And, that's the sunniest batch of butter I think I've ever seen,mmmmmm.... Happy Spring!