Monday, June 14, 2010

Poor Ronnie - and a VERY full weekend!!

It's kind of amazing how much happens around here when the sun comes out!!

Ronnie lost his manhood this weekend thanks to these tools and Duane - who roped him and then he and Brian held him while I banded him and have him a shot... I'm not sure he's gonna let me near him for quite a while...

In other news Duane and I picked up the new to me cart I got a few weeks back for my boys I need one more piece of harness and we are all set to roll!!! this should be a tom of fun to have around the farm.

Duane and I hung out a bit at his place too - we took some water to a lower pasture and I got to drive his super c - VERY fun tractor to drive : )

This is Duane driving back perusing his 'piece' it's was a spectacular weekend!

Oh also on Friday afternoon we had (HAD being the operative word) some honey bee's (not the ones from our garden) trying to move into a wall - So our friend Davey helped us re-locate them .. this is Brian pulling boards in the wall and then he vacated (as he's alergic to bees!) while Davey and I got the bee's into a box... - no running down the gravel road with a bee in my hair this time.. : )

We got a ton more things into the garden it's finally drying out a bit around here ... yippie!

These are just some gratuitous - shots of the sunshine!!


Anonymous said...

It's always worth waiting for your posts, Clare - stories with vim and vigah! Tell about the beautiful quilt hanging on your clothes line, please.

Cecelia (CC) said...

gotta agree with Lois. It looks like a thin cotton tablecloth from some picnic in the pasture. Anyway, the sun through that cloth is gorgeous. Can you capture THAT in a painting??

Clare Carver said...

don't think I could paint that -- but sure was pretty yesterday afternoon : ) love that table cloth it's to well loved there are lots of stains but I just don't care... thanks for visiting ladies... -c

Regina @VestPocketFamilyFarm said...

Love mixed power farming, Massey 35, the little Kubota and the team.

You are going to adore that fore cart, we are always thinking off more things to hitch to it.

Anonymous said...

Glad the bees are where they should be and it was all done without running! Great shot of you & Brian! xox mbee