Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mark you calander!! July 2nd 2011

Coming this summer!! ...

Outstanding in the field will be at Big Table Farm!!

The super fabulous chef and good friend Jason French of Nud Lud will be cooking the meal - we will be featuring our wine, products from our farm as well a few of our other farmer friends including our very good friends Chris and Amy of Square Peg Farm - This will be a meal to remember and the event of the summer here at the Farm!

Jason has graced our farm several times before cooking meals and he has the lay of the land and I know will really make it special!!

I'm sure the smoker will be enlisted in some way...

Details: Outstanding in the Field dinner at Big Table Farm. Saturday, July 2, 4 pm; $180 per person. Tickets go on sale Mar. 20 on the Outstanding in the Field website.

I wonder which field will sport the big table... humm

a glass of wine and a farm tour - what could be better?!


Cecelia (CC) said...


Anonymous said...

Very Cool Clare! Can I help?


Anonymous said...

Clare, I'm not promising, but if funds work out I can't think of anything more invigoratin and fun then a quick 3 day trip dolo out to be your drina for this event! I'll definitely keep it on one of my burners! xox mbee

Mary said...

Yup Clare... we are coming
Chi and Mary