Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Big Table Farm is going to the James Beard House!!!

so the James Beard Foundation is kind of the foodie version of the Oscars - They invite chefs to cook at the James Beard House in New York City and administer the annual James Beard Foundation Awards, which recognize and honor excellence among chefs and others working in the food and beverage industry. So Chris DiMinno the Chef of Clyde Common here in Portland is doing a meal June 16th and has invited us to pair our wines with his meal!! it's a great honor to pour our wines at this very prestigious place and for it's dinner guests along side of Chris' great cooking! so I'll be flying back for the meal - does any body have a couch for me to sleep on in the village - I promise not to take up to much room. And if your in NY book it should be a great meal!!!


panthercreekcottage said...

Congratulations how exciting. Best of luck in planning your trip. The lodging, packing and of course the shoes. Can't wear the mucksters,lol.
Safe journey my friend.

porter said...

OMG this is HUGE. congratulations!!!!!!

Sarah said...

I agree- HUGE!!!! So very excited for Big Table Farm family! This totally justifies a good nail scrub and manicure- :) And the next Foodie Oscar goes to ...

Clare Carver said...

thanks guys... sarah you may have to go out for a pre NYC beauty day with me... pedicures and some fashion consulting... I always LOVE the way you dress and you seem to have a knack for doing it with out breaking the bank! no cw of course it doesn't hurt that you are stunning : ) xx

Anonymous said...

And the honors keep rolling in Wow! You two remind me of a gorgeous river that has millions of fresh water springs beneath it that keep manifesting themselves and feeding this giant river of life causing it to rumble and roar with beautiful life-giving surprises.. Congratulations! Bee

MichaelnHaley said...

Clare that is so cool. I might not of known who JB was if not for my friend Andy's mom who works for the James Beard Foundation. Her name is Phyllis Isaacson.

Andy now writes for various publications. He and I lived togeather back in 2001.

Congrats again,

Cecelia (CC) said...

can you just stop for a minute? I mean really. just take a moment for the rest of us and . . . Pinch Yourself!
Did you feel that? Really?
You are REAL!? You really are.
reelio treelio!

Way to go.