Tuesday, March 29, 2011

home from Atlanta

Brian and I went to Atlanta for a wine auction last week - it was to benefit the High art museum in Atlanta and it's one of the top wine auctions in the country and now I know why! (btw way my photos of the trip didn't happen due to camera failure so you'll just have to imagine most of it)

We were hosted by our friends in Atlanta the Abney's who as I kept saying treated us like rock stars from the minute we touched down... it's kind of a blur at this point but we arrived Wednesday evening to a driver that picked us up form the airport and brought us to our host's home a beautiful house in a very old neighborhood in mid town Atlanta. Let's just say we hit the ground running as that night they hosted a small 'informal' dinner party for close friends to meet their guests - brick oven pizzas and lamb! it was gorgeous and there place happens to be on the cover of this months food and wine!- pretty snazzy!

this is Kristie making pizzas there on the spot for her guests she's a superstar! (my photos are pretty bad I'm sorry!)

Charles Abney - just a doll! love the crushed up beer can next to the fancy decanter : )

This is not the Abney's home but this is another one form the 'hood' it was so beautiful and the weather was full on spring time! Some happy guests

Day two was an industry tasting during the day and a winemaker dinner that evening with one of Atlanta's top chefs (Anne Quatrano) again hosted by the Abney's! crazy and beautiful and soo yummy ...

The tables before the wine maker dinner - the after shot was blurry : )

Friday it just kept going and I'm not going to boar you with every last detail but sufficed to say we ate and drank a lot and just had an amazing time. Thanks to our new distributors in Atlanta got introduced to some of the best restaurants in town that all picked up our wine which really was amazing again I'm grateful.

for those of you that live in Atlanta you can find our wines at ~ Bacchanalia, Miller Union, Cakes & Ale, Rathburn Steak and Five & Ten

Saturday afternoon was the actual wine auction which was attended by some pretty darn serious wine and art lovers. It was an amazing party we donated and were lucky enough to be in the live auction with our lot of 12 mags and painting and brunch at the farm for 6 people.. and to my utter awe was auctioned off for $10,000 yup not a typo... it was kind of nuts and totally flattering... crazy - so then yet another dinner for our last night... Sunday a sleep in and gorgeous brunch again thanks to our hosts and they took us to the airport Sunday afternoon ...wowzers... it was quite a whirl wind and other worldly --

the tasting before the auction

Miller - Union great meal there sat night!

but now I'm back on the farm and fully grounded again as I'm back in the spring rain, doing chores and picking up all those spring eggs and working on our web site updates for the spring release letter - ahh reality...

special thanks also goes out to our friends Julia and Michael who watched the farm for 5 days while we were off partying in Atlanta.

Well I'm back to being just me in my drafty farm house and dirty chores - but man it was fun to live a super glamorous life for 5 days!

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Louis said...

Clare & Brian,

Your life is way glamorous and you don't even know it!

Congrats on the auction and being distributed in ATL!