Monday, November 8, 2010

A kitchen sink post..

The final bins of grapes have been sorted - fermented and pressed into barrel - Both Brian and I are running on empty at this point and READY for our long winter's nap!! but it was a great harvest and so many friends came out the help. The grapes looked beautiful! and the wine looks like it will be another great year! Especially for Pinot! Big Thanks for all the love and support this year during harvest!

Back at the farm - I've been holding down the fort best I can with out the man around ... It's another year of not doing as much as I'd hoped in terms of canning and doing all the fall things that need doing .. but well at the end of the day there is just me and that has to be good enough... I did take an hour or so to take a walk up the big hill to remember as my friend Maia said ' to enjoy this life we are working so hard to build' ... took some shots of the boys in the beautiful fall light and the canyon and the woods which I haven't walked in in quite a while!

I also finally spotted the heard of elk - they seem later this year although I've been so busy I could have easily not seen them - as I was often doing chores in the dark on both ends of the day this harvest.

I did take time last Sunday to work with the boys!!
Laura come out and we had some fun hooking the boys to the cart!! This is the farm cart that will now be pulling things around the farm like a manure spreader (as soon as I find a nice used one for the right price - that is).. this team has been such a great adventure it's pretty darn exciting to have a working farm team that I'm training from the ground up - with lots of help of course!

And last but not least in wine news.. more big facy press as if the Parker scores weren't enough we got some nice lovin' up by wine and spirits magazine!! NICE!!

I feel like things are really taking hold this fall - like this whole crazy plan of ours .... the farm, a winery, and our new life in Oregon might just work... I'm feeling tired but pretty darn hopeful

on a personal note... Brian and I have worked together as a team this year like never before I feel like we have grown so much in our partnership and with just a little bit more time we might just see some returns on paper fingers crossed... but in the mean time I feel like we have worked our asses off and laid a really solid foundation for our farm our buisneess and our relationship... and just hope that the finishing work just get's more fun from here!!! so here's to you Brian! and here's to enjoying life, improving our world and making art ...

so here's the press ... that combined with last week Parker scores is clearly helping me feel all happy about things...

Wine and Spirits names Big Table Farm in the top 9 (yup that's right NINE) wineries to watch for 2010 again internationally!!!

Wine and Spirits names it's picks for top 100 wines internationally for 2010 -- yup Big Table Farm Pinot Noir !! not bad company .... Williams Selyem, Flowers, Evening Land...

on that note I'm going to go down stairs and pour my self a glass of Riesling.. : )


MichaelnHaley said...

HOLLY SHIT! You two I am so impressed. WOW. Well done. Cheers to #9.


MichaelnHaley said...

Ok, I am not sure if it's cool to double comment, but I just can't help myself.

As I lay myself to sleep - I want you two to know that you inspire like none other. I am so happy for you two. Sure, you might not see the beautiful light of fall all the time - or have the spare moments to stop and take in the beauty that you have and are creating - but what you are doing is filling not only our bellies but our souls. I trust as your eyes grow heavy, your muscles relax and sleep takes over that your spirits rest well knowing you are making your dream manifest.

Congratulations on all the validation from your community.


Clare Carver said...

Michael I love you! that's all I can say

Cecelia (CC) said...

sine qua non. the essential. you are living it. you show us the way. what would I do without you as my star?

Anonymous said...

Michael - did your gift with words evolve with careful love from Haley or all on your own - What you share is SO true, SO spirit and heart filled that it's just too darn perfect - Clare you and Brian really are our dream makers made real xoxoxoxoxooxox bee

Regina @VestPocketFamilyFarm said...

You are so going to enjoy that cart, pull/drag what ever implements you want. Then there's just going driving with it, we love paralyzing traffic by going for a drive around town in ours.