Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Four critics choose the best bottles for the holiday!!

The Oregonian featured our riesling today! : ) feeling pretty darn grateful AGAIN!!

2009 Big Table Farm Brooks Vineyard Riesling ($28): I always enjoy having a richer-style white wine on the table for Thanksgiving, as it seems to pair well with all of the side dishes but, more important, really allows the turkey itself to shine. One of the best white releases I've tasted from Oregon is this bottle of bone-dry riesling from Big Table Farm. Frankly, they had me with the gorgeous chanterelle drawing on the label, but I really wasn't prepared for what was inside the bottle. Winemaker Brian Marcy likes to push the envelope with his winemaking. By using long maceration on the skins, he's extracted amber colors and textures that those enamored by off-beat whites might appreciate. But the wine isn't oxidized, even if it tends toward an orange hue. It offers hazelnut and pine, apricot and honey. There must be some magic in those Eola-Amity hills adjacent to the Brooks winery, where the old-vine fruit for this bottling was procured. -- Darryl Joannides


and just in case you were worried about next years Riesling label .... this is not even all of the mother load of chanterelles that our friend David came out of our woods with while he was here at the farm hunting it was an embarrassment of riches and gives me plenty of fodder!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Clare and Brian! Very cool!

Sara V.

Cecelia (CC) said...

been away too long. came back to this lovely story. love it! great phrase, 'embarrassment of riches'.