Saturday, November 20, 2010

family and more pups

I know you will be totally sick of puppy pictures after about a month so I will try not to post too many ... this pile was hard to resist...

My cousin peter and his lovely wife Jerrilyn and some very good friends of thier's came out last weekend for a lovey visit!! Miss Clementine who was days away from giving birth was a saint I think she was practicing being a patient mom with these sweet babies!!

Clementine --- "ummm Jer PLEEZE DON'T move your leg "
Jack "I like this guy we could get into some real trouble together!!"

Jack "humm how can I get my mom to get me a dog"
Clementine --- " oh man how many pups I'm gonna have to give birth to... sigh"

Jack "oh what pretty ears you have -- what happens when I pull on it"
Clementine --- "those pups are going to be way worse at least he's pulling my ear they will be pulling my tits"

Jack "ummm soft dog soft mom this life is pretty nice"
Clementine --- " how can I work her so I can just stay on this couch all weekend"

We took a short walk around the farm and despite the wet weather ....

Kaoru - being very brave for having never been around a cow came into the pasture and gave the bull a pat :)


Cecelia (CC) said...

Thank you! Anyone who gets sick of puppies is just in a bad mood. (I still like the gray one.) Babies and puppies. Oh my. pretty dang cute. (Rest assured, it's not contagious. ;>) Are you getting up in the night to set their little bodies out in the cold? or does that start in a few more weeks? Does that mean I also have a cousin named Peter?? he he

Mary said...

Bring on the puppies, the more pictures the better! Congrats Ms Clementine. Clare & Brian quads well done too.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Brian had a well-deserved nap - very cute photo! Puppies & an inquisitive georgeous little one - can it get any better than that? Don't think so... xox mbee