Friday, October 22, 2010

Harvest so far ...

Harvest so far has been amazing in so many ways!

It's been a beautiful harvest!!

First and foremost I've been again amazed and blown away by all the fabulous friends who have stopped there normal lives to come out to the winery and get wet and sticky and generally work long hours on there feet!!! THANK you ALL from the bottom of my heart!!

The biggest thank you goes out to Lester who quite frankly has saved our humps this harvest !! Lester I'll say it again don't know how we would have made it even this far with out you!! and Thank you to Laura, Kathleen, Sarah and Windsor for coming out and helping as well!! We are truly honored and warmed by your friendship and willingness to just plain show up!!

The weather has been PERFECT and the fruit coming in from our vineyards has been beautiful! Johan, Resoance, Cattrall Brothers, Pelos Sandberg and White Hawk all are just gorgeous and fulfilled what we've come to expect ... greatness!! beautiful job to the farmers!

The picking crews are all gracious, good, careful and the hardest working folks you'll EVER meet! -- Brian is holing in there amazingly well this year and on top of it all we've been eating VERY well this year with Deolinda and I trading off cooking big old winery lunches each day it's really been a lot of hard but fulfilling work!! I'll post more photos soon but here's this past week and we're not done yet so there will be more!!

the hands that pick!

there is a reason Sarah (Lester's girl) is smiling !! he's a gem ... although that hat is hiding his horns ; )

a well deserved lunch!

may all this goodness flow right into the wine... with gratitude!

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Awesome, simply awesome! Bee