Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a dearth of posts of late

there is an inadequate supply of Clare at the moment due to the abundance of grapes flowing into the winery ... As a result there is a scarcity of sleep a lackscarcity of blog posts, a shortage of returned e-mails and phone calls, want for time with my horses, a paucity of sitting on the couch, and a general insufficiency of time to do all the things in I normally do in a week - I'll be back soon! with TONS of photos I promise! till then drink up we are making more!

1 comment:

porter said...

who the hell wrote this?

"dearth"? "inadequate"? "paucity"? "insufficiency"?

either you've just scored a new thesaurus or someone is writing this for you. i suspect the latter, since you are practically living in the winery right now.