Thursday, August 12, 2010

New additions!!

I'd like to introduce you to Ginger (named after the lovely ginger rogers a nod to the dancing cow farm that she came from) Ginger and Red Boy are the latest additions to Big Table Farm (although red boy is just on loan)

This is Jerre and Sean of Dancing Cow Farm in Prineville

and this is their beautiful herd...

a rightfully proud farmer!

Brian inspecting his herd after we got the new kids home : )

the cows seem quite content in there new pasture!!

Although Ronnie is not sure yet about the new kid on the block...

We also welcomed two new pigs for fall from our friends at Square Peg Farm

sniff ...and very sadly said good bye and thank you to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - who where such charming pigs!!


MichaelnHaley said...

Clare and Brian what an amazing summer. So stoked for you and all the people you shared your summer with. The cows, the jam, the county fair, the new welding additions and work on the barn are amazing. The place is looking fantastic. So stoked for you. The photos continue to be beautiful - showing how much you love your friends and see their beauty.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I too just love to see your life as it evolves and revolves around friends, family and community. I sure do look forward to your posts Clare & Brian. What an incredibly full summer you two have had - and now isn't it wonderful to look forward to warm fire-filled evenings with your more energy efficient home during the upcoming winter. WISH I lived closer for Christmas - wow! xox bee

Anonymous said...

Giner is just gorgeous and Red Boy is so handsome - what a great farm you visited - I'll be you learned a lot and had some really priceless time together! xo bee