Saturday, August 14, 2010

2009 pinot labels...

We will be bottling our 2009 Pinot and Riesling at the end of August and I'm almost done the drawings ... three down two to go these are for our 2009 Resonance Vineyard, Cattrall Vineyard and Willamette Valley

The cows are Haley and Ronnie - who is the first calf born at Big Table Farm!

The truck is a 1947 Ford owned and restored by Tom Cattrall - totally fun rig and yup he delivers the grapes in it! When I saw it roll up to deliver our grapes last harvest I said to Brian "that's it!- that's the label how can we NOT?"

And this is my favorite pig from the last batch of pigs 'pumpkin' she was a sweetie!

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous Clare! Simply gorgeous and so telling of your & Brian's culture! I love how just perfectly full mama looks for her little one, and piggy is so happy snuffling.. nice honey... bee