Thursday, August 12, 2010

end of July Friends and Family

The end of July has been FULL of visitors - Family first and I didn't manage a single shot - I must have been too busy keeping up with three very active boys .. then our friends the Griffith's and then The Hollidays... let's just say the animals got Loads of snacks and hummer get's the gold star for being 'uber patient and giving rides to ALL the kids!!

no ones gets' out of work on the farm charlie helped put up cow fence

and Steve fixed some plumbing issues left over from the previous visit from three boys and many many cups of laundry detergent that don't belong in a sink drain!

after that he helped us move the pig house!

chickens causing trouble and huston about to...

lucky Julia and I made some wild cherry jelly to share from the trees around the spring... : )

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