Tuesday, June 15, 2010

todays painting

Today's painting looking off my porch as it's was raining (again!) so I got to paint 'outside' but under cover : )

and the line up boots I've burned through since moving to the farm... with the ones closest is the brand spankin' new ones my hubs surprised me with yesterday .. thanks hubs... smooches my now dry feet thank you too


Jesica said...

LOVE the new painting! You really captured the blur of colors through rain. Good job, Clare! (Hope y'all didn't have the gully-washer we did.)

Regina @VestPocketFamilyFarm said...

Never greased my boots before this June. ;/ Which I did after coming in with wet socks. Mucks' replacement is traditionally put off till fall. May need to update tradition?

Cecelia (CC) said...

new colors, new look, new mood...like it, like the shift. keep exploring. drippy day! I feel it.