Monday, June 7, 2010

post wine weekend on the farm

After the Big Holiday weekend we ALL got to enjoy a VERY sunny day Saturday ... my friend Laura (aka bee queen) came out and we spent the day in the garden and then played with the horses as our reward and Brian worked in his shop doing some spring cleaning and enjoyed some wine and jazz that drifted over to the garden where Laura and I worked in the sunshine --- ahh now that's summer... too bad the rain came back in full force.. the good news is it's looking like we are about to get two solid weeks of clear dry weather!! yippee!!

50 new chicks to replace the ones that jsut went to slaughter on Thursday.

We enjoyed super fancy grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch with some of the beautiful raw milk cheese my folks sent us!! Thanks guys what a super nice gift!...


Mari said...

I want to come help out at the farm!

Clare Carver said...

come on out!!! I'll be working 'round here all weekend.. : )