Sunday, May 2, 2010

snapshots of the weekend!

I'm to delirious, happy and tired to write much but an amazing weekend --- And as always deeply grateful to Duane, Sara, Julia and so many others who where part of this weekend with me and the boys!! (the photos are by Julia and Joseph)

Lisa who I deeply admire!

Duane with his team! to whom I'm forever grateful!

the beautiful double tree Duane made for me!!!

Julia taking the boys with the clod buster

Day 2 when we worked down the plowed ground

getting a little sage advise

miss sara who did some beautiful plowing!! and in a dress... what a woman!

thank you hummer as always a rock star!!

and after plowing we kicked around and had some fun with the boys!!

a great weekend!


Virginia Carver said...

Clare this looks like a dream! The boys look fantastic and fit.

Cecelia (CC) said...

glory! way to live woman!

Michael said...

Clare, my old art teacher at Valley Forge used to tell me that happiness was inside of us. It seems to me, and probably most who read this, that you have found that place and I am so happy for you. Not only did you find that happy space, but you have a community to share it with and bask in the goodness. You are just beaming in these photos. You no doubt are bringing happiness to everyone around you when you are in this space. What a gift to be able to give.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing - you were in my thoughts often over the weekend hon. You look awesome and Houston & Hummer look just beautiful! Love your pigtails! xox mbee

Joseph said...

It was a blast to see you! I am so glad that I got to shoot you in such a state of euphoria. :)