Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Introducing our 2007 Syrah and the 2009 Laughing Pig Rose

Dear friends and wine enthusiasts,

Thank you for your continued interest and enjoyment of our Big Table Farm wines. Thanks to you, the ’06 Syrah and ’07 Rosé sold out quickly. The ‘08 Pinots are also sold out except for the last few cases that will be available at our Memorial Day weekend event.

We are very excited to announce the release of our 2007 Syrah from the White Hawk Vineyard . This wine, like the ’06 is made with some whole cluster, all natural fermentations and aged sur lie. As usual, Brian uses a very hands off winemaking style that really let’s the vineyard speak through the wine. The 2007 vintage in California has already garnered huge accolades and this vineyard has proven to be no different. When the grapes came into the winery they had a notably beautiful aroma even as just fruit. This wine enjoyed a little longer élevage to really give the tannins a chance to soften and the structure of the wine to fill out. We expect this wine to age gracefully for years to come.

In addition to the Syrah we are also releasing our Pinot Noir Rosé. The ‘09 Rosé fruit was sourced from the Cattrall Vineyard, farmed by good friends and very respected organic growers in our region. This is the oldest certified organic vineyard in Oregon, we are excited about the red wine we made from this site as well. Like the ’07 Rosé, the ‘09 Rosé is barrel fermented to dryness, completed malolatic and aged sur lie until the day before it was bottled. If you liked the last Laughing pig we think you’ll love this one even more!

The labels on the Syrah, like our pinots, were made by hand using a letterpress and thick printmaking paper, hand cut and glued on each bottle. While very labor-intensive, this makes for an elegant package that not only befits its contents but also produces less waste than traditional label printing. This year’s Syrah features one of our pigs in another form as one of Brian’s farm cured hams. As many of you know our label designs reflect the food we enjoy here on the farm and the animals that make it possible. With baby cows this spring who knows what the fall labels will hold.

You can click here for the order form. We will be shipping the wine in May. We also invite you to come out to the farm to pick up your wine and feed an apple to a pig!

Once again, thank you for your interest in our wines – you are welcome visit the farm to taste by appointment, or just visit our web site and blog to keep in touch with the goings on at the farm and with the wines. We’re even on Facebook.

Cheers from our table to yours,

Clare Carver and Brian Marcy


Joseph said...

I just love that last picture! You have a great eye.


Cecelia (CC) said...

came back just to see that shot again too.

big smile.

Joseph: Awesome shot of clare kissing hummer - two peas in a pod, blonde and cute as a button.

Anonymous said...

Total ditto to Celia's comment about Clare kissing hummer, and you betcha great eye for sure Joseph - that last picture is a keeper! xox mbee