Monday, March 16, 2009

In good hands!!

Saturday was a horse "play day" at an arena close by hosted by the draft horse club which Duane who I've talked about lots got me involved in - I met another halflinger person sheila a while back through this group and she and I "horse-pooled" over to the arena shiela has been very generous with trailer and equipment! There where lots of beautiful horses and mules there and lots of sharing of info, equipmnet, advise and just plain enjoying good company - this 4up was somthing you don't see very often : )

The big exciting news of the day was Duane gave Huston his first 'start' we've been putting tack on him and ground driving and taking all the set up steps over the last 8 months - but this is the first time huston wore the whole outfit and pulled anything behind him - it was pretty darn thrilling to watch.... Duane drove him like a pro and guided him through this first time. Duane was completely nonplussed though all Hustons balks and fear and helped him to understand this was not going to be hard and that he'd be fine ... Huston did GREAT and mostly because he was in such expert hands once again I'm deeply indebted to Duane for all his help and guidence with both my horses - I drove hummer lots that day with a cart and few other things too - he was a jem! both horses where exposed to all kinds of new things they where both rock stars!!! I finished the day wet and tired and grinning from ear to ear!! happy to have such great horse friends and happy to be the caretakers of these two wonderful animals!!!

In other news I have a wonderful neighbor up the canyon who is a bird lover and she made me two bluebird houses which I put up friday after she came down and consulted me on where to put them!! I'm hoping for a two paris of blue birds - we'll see they are shy birds but with these neat houses I'm hopeful!! Thanks Kay!


labdogs42 said...

That is so cool about your horse pulling for the first time! I get equally excited when I managed to train my dogs to do something new, so I can appreciate how exciting it must be to accomplish something that difficult with a horse! Too bad you aren't closer, I actually have some horsey friends here in PA that do horse-drawn carriage funerals. They have Friesians and if you're ever in the area, I could introduce you!

Clare Carver said...

training any animals to do something IS a neat feeling you are so right! Your fresian friends sounds pretty neat! those are beautiful horses!!!

carver family said...

Huston....way to go big guy.

You know you are loved.