Tuesday, February 24, 2009

While I was away playing with horses!!

So I went off the Wa this past weekend for a plowing competition and had an amazing time with Sarah and Duane (thanks guys!!) I learned tons of course but also just had a blast being around all the wacky horse folks and their beautiful animals! maybe next year hummer and huston will be workign that ground too!! : )

So while I was off playing brian was getting some amazing work done !! - he finished milling the posts needed for fix our barn from downed trees in our woods! he also bought a new chain saw to make life a little easier on himself. He used a tool called an alaskin mill which is bars that make a chain saw into a portabel saw mill so you can mill lumber from trees on site! very cool stuff - nice work brian : )


Michael said...


Wow that is awesome. Those beams look great!

Nice work, that is not easy to do.


carver family said...

that brian - don't know where I found him : )