Wednesday, February 25, 2009

pork and wine not a lot better than that!!!

Big Table Farm is honored to be invited to Cochon555

We will be pouring our laughing pig rose at this super fabulous event and I as a pig grower and winery owner (wow that's weird to type!) have been invited to be one of the judges - I cant' wait it looks like it will be a great time and I can't wait to pull up my chair! If you are in portland do come and enjoy! (click the link below for more info and tickets!)

“Five Chefs, Five Pigs, Five Winemakers”
March 1st, 2009 - 5pm

A group of five Portland chefs will each prepare a heritage breed hog from head to toe for this friendly competition. Guests and professional judges will determine a winner based on creativity, classic preparation and overall best flavor. The winner will be crowned the “Prince of Porc”. In addition, five selected winemakers will showcase their wines. Amuse Cochon is a tribute to heritage and heirloom breeds, chefs and winemakers.


chou-chou said...

wow - how totally cool is THAT?!?! sounds like so much fun!!

Clare Carver said...

hope so : ) been kind of nose to the stone lately some fun is good!!! xoxo c

carver family said...

ok not that nose to the stone clearly making time to play with horses who am I kidding : )

carver family said...

OH how wonderful! I am getting on a plane and coming out to join you!


amare said...

LOL!!! I love the photo of the lauging pigs. I can't wait to meat the new ones...oops I mean "meet".xoa

amare said...

amare is angie, by the way!

Clare Carver said...

that's a CLASSIC spelling error lady jane : ) xo c