Monday, July 7, 2008

cute animals

It's 11:15pm and I gotta go to bed so tonight just a little writing and mostly pictures as I've resorted to a lot lately..... We got some help from our " nearly neighbors" at kookoolanfarms processing our meat chickens.. it was time for them to go into the freezer about a week ago ... and 11birds was just more than I wanted to handle.. as my disclaimer for not being uber farm girl and doing it my self - I've killed plenty of chickens at this point I know how - this was not a question of knowledge it was all about time and energy, obviously feeling like I should have done it my self .- sigh I just need to get over that.... it was one of those weeks where getting someone else to do it for me was defiantly a great idea!! I was also just really happy to visit kookoolan as I'd heard much about them... I was graciously treated to a farm tour and I got to buy some RAW goat and cow milk which was worth the price of admission right there! I can't wait to try some... I was laden with gifts when I left.. I love fellow farmers... : )

here are some big table farm photos of our cute pigs (also just about "ready") and the cows looking sweet

and finally two classic ones of the dogs of some friends who where dinner guests Davis and Bob .. as you can see the dogs where right at home! : )

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