Tuesday, July 1, 2008

BIG NEWS - NO REALLY!! this IS big

So this morning the Robert Parker Newsletter came out...

for non-wino's this guy is THE reviewer he makes or breaks wines the world over, even to get on his radar and get a review is HUGE!! a good review is even better...

He's a consumer advocate his publication is called the Wine Advocate and he has no advertising.. he just tastes and rates .. that's it you're in or not ... so we sent in our syrah a little over a month ago and just crossed our fingers that he would notice us..

sooo we got a review and not only that we got a VERY respectable score... and the review that went along with it was well you can read for your self!!

Brian Marcy makes this wine, which comes from the White Hawk Vineyard in Santa Barbara County. Dense purple, with the nose exhibiting blackberry and acacia flower notes, this 2006 Syrah has good acidity, medium to full body, and beautiful purity and length. Amazingly, this wine was made in two lots - one with 75% whole clusters and the second lot completely destemmed. The wine is superb, drinks well already, but should age nicely for another 5-6 years.


rating 90 points

$55 per bottle

I'm just grinning from ear to ear.. my awesome husband has so earned this!! So now off to the races!!! our Syrah is now officially released!!! and it's first coming out makes me damn proud!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Hooray!!! And we can buy lots of this as well???
Lois, writing from Nebraska, home of two wineries, hmmmmm.

Clare Carver said...

Thanks as always Lois, look forward to hearing you adventures... the wine will be available soon and will be on 6 bottle allocation. Cheers! Clare

ferenge mama said...

um, 90 points from Robert Parker is NOT "respectable".

It is f'ing AWESOME.

Huge congrats are in order!!

(and LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of that bottle on the BTF board!)

Clare Carver said...

yeah well you my dear fabulous friend gave me that board and I get comments on it EVERY time I have a dinner here and I LOVE it... I just put the bottle on it and thought oh perfect way to have the name since it's not on the label... did I say how perfect that board is... : ) xoxo c

Steve Griffiths said...

Ah, no wonder Brian wouldn't even sell his long lost buds in California a single bottle at any price. Hope I can buy some now it's on the market! Brian you deserve the kudos that are well earned and reflect your commitment to the grapes. Cheers