Sunday, November 25, 2007

romance is dead...

So I was recently was away from the farm on a trip when I spoke to my husband on the phone he told me he had just finished making my birthday gift..

Now for those of you who know Brian when he makes something, it's good.

I mean this is the man who can rewire a house, weld a chicken bus, build table for a dinner only hours before guests arrive and invent just about anything he puts his mind to.

So while "I made you something for your birthday" would make some women cringe it got me very excited : ) ... I said "really what did you make??? ... dramatic pause here... and Brian proudly announces "a shit shoveler for the chicken bus"... a second very long pause... clare "hummm ... for my birthday???" Brian "yes it's great your gonna love it" .... clare "hummm" ....

I will admit I have used the "shit shoveler" and yes it works beautifully, and is very functional, and of course fits the chicken boxes perfectly with nice long handles on both. There's a little scraper thing and then a custom sized little shovel as well... it makes keeping the poop out of the nesting boxes a snap and keeps our chickens and eggs super clean.

So this begs the question in this age of consumerism and the holidaze. What makes the perfect gift?

-something thoughtful
-something useful
-something unique
-something that will improve the quality of the receivers life
-something hand made with love

I'd say my gift does meet all these criteria... I know I'm a very luck y woman and my husband is one of a kind.. but a "SHIT SHOVELER!!??" really now how about flowers and a nice dinner out how about getting dressed up and going out on the town? I hate to be cliche but jewelry is always nice... sigh... I do love my husband and hell he is in the midst of refurbishing and old redwood tub we salvaged ... so I really can't complain (too much)... so here's to re-kindling some of our farm style romance when he get's that hot tub fired up!

till then love the one your with... c


chou-chou said...


ummmm, maybe that't just part of your gift? maybe on the actual day of your birthday he's gonna give you flowers and chocolate!


we hope.


loisquick said...

ummmm - perhaps he would consider mass production to finance the romantic dinner, etc.? That shit shoveler looks pretty good to me, Clare, and I'd stand in line to buy one from Brian. Happy birthday!
Lois and the Girls!

Johnny GoFast said...

Just when I was starting to think that I was the last great gift giver...along comes Brian and the Shit Shoveler. Pure genius clearly underappreciated. Did he make two? I'm just getting started on concocting something for Chieko for Christmas.

Clare Carver said...

Ya I'm an ungrateful sot... I'll pass on the enthusiasm to Brian from you all for the shoveler... and John I think you'd have to give Chieko chickens first which I'm thinking has already been shot down... : )

Carole said...

Romance is all well and good but as someone who also shovels shit on a daily basis, anything to make that job faster and easier seems great to me. Sorry Clare. ;-)

The best present I ever got was when my sweetie bought and installed a garage door opener. Up! And down! At the touch of a button! A miracle!!

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is if this "shit shovler" is limited to the Chicken Bus? Are there other uses..or perhaps opportunities -like when you are full of it. And BTW I know Romance is not dead cause I bet he thought about you the whole time.

Angwin Folks said...

Hey Guys,
So I've been checking out your site for some time now to keep up on all your activities. We sure miss you guys down here. The annual tractor parade in Calistoga was last night, and of course lots of fun was had by all. Happy Birthday Clare! Is that the tub from Manchester?? Hope all is well. Kim and John