Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More Horsin' around

This past weekend I went over and spent my Saturday with Duane of One Mile Shires... It was so fun and has added to my now expanding book of horses... sadly I didn't bring my trusty camera.. so I borrowed some shots from the net and Duanes web site... This is Duane and two of his beautiful Shires.

Duane spent all afternoon with me. First he took out his "tried and true" totally trained team of Sadie and Tucker , Sadie is an old soul and is quite lovely ...this is she in a show with duane

and Tucker was a willing partner. Duane took them out and did a turn on the tire (this time the tire had a tractor seat on it) and then handed me the lines and said " OK your turn" Now I've driven horses single but never double and not to mention the fact that Duanes horses are HUGE!! in human measurement... these two are 5’ 8” and 5 ‘ 9” at the shoulder so you can imagine where the head is... These horses make Chief look like a pony.

So after only a little bit of time I had gained a lot of confidence by driving This team. It was down right peaceful. I admitted to Duane at the end that I was a little nervous eps. given my last wreck when he handed me the lines... he told me after that fact that he could have stopped this team at any time with a voice command...

this is not the team I drove but they looked kind of like this (They where prettier of course: )

After that I rode on the manure spreader with Duane and Sadie and Tucker took us up to one of the big fields for some actual farm work, that was pretty darn neat. I'm learning so much from Duane just being around him helping to tack the horses (although I'm not much help yet) and watching him as he worked with his young colts as well as his "project" horse who well let's just say is HUGE and very upset with life as he was a rescue in a big way. I believe Duane can work with this horse not that I would attempt in a million years.. he is stunning and will be amazing if he can ever trust people again.

So all in all a great day working with horses in a safe environment. I'm keeping an open heart to how things will progress with me and horses. I know when the time is right I will probably get another horse. And we'll see how Mr. Chief fit's into Big Table farm for now he is feeling MUCH better and after so many vet visits he's doing a ton better and healing up VERY well the vet things a few more weeks in bandages and he should be nearly healed up.. he had no lameness or any signs of long term damage. So that's great news.

In the mean time spending time with lots of different horses I think is really a good thing and being present to the "process"and enjoying the "ride".

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Johnny GoFast said...

"...after that I rode on the manure spreader with Duane and Sadie..."

Manure Spreader? Is that what we are calling Brian these days. And your kinky funked up sex life should be kept on the down low. Us staid Californians have hard time keeping up with you hippaphonic Oregon free lovers.