Thursday, July 5, 2007

what a 4th...

We had a completely impromptu 3rd and 4th and amazingly everyone brought just what we needed... Thank you everyone for coming that was the least work (none to be exact) I've ever done for a 20 person BBQ at my house ! .. Thanks to all for such a fun party and happy birthday to Roisin!!

(Brian having fun)

(Thanks Alex for all the grilling)

(Thanks Joseph for the tomatoes, berries and onions)

(this photo thanks to joseph!)

(even chief enjoyed the berry cobbler)

Porter thanks for doing (all the things I couldn't!!)

(the ice cream makin' was so fun and yummy!! thanks Laura)

(Thanks Christina for braving allergies to pick wildflowers)

(this photo thanks to joseph!)

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Michael C. Carver said...

Thanks for all the great pictures, I am so glad you had such a wonderful 4th. I am also happy to hear that you made it back from the airport. The visual of you cruising down the street with port and stbd at 10 and 2 made me a little nervous but if anybody could drive with two broken arms it's you.