Friday, July 20, 2007

Custom made

Today there was a new (to him) truck belonging to Will on the farm I'll have to say it looks pretty sweet from the inside out... and many thanks to Will's Uncle Joseph for the assistance in driving around finding this one!

Mary and Eoin are also visiting it'sbeen a very nice visit.

We all got inspired this afternoon by the fresh peas in the garden, eggs from the girls and of course brians homemade panchetta ... we made homemade pasta carbonara... wow was it nice and tons of fun... Brian would have been proud! (he's out of town)

Speaking of Brian he's down in Napa picking up our newsest addition to the farm a 50's John Deere Crawler... (which we found last week on our visit) Brian and I are excited to have something to use on the hills that will be a bit safer than maggie the massy... maggie will be our work horse but this crawler should help us with the hill work...


Anonymous said...

Brian & Clare you flung their doors wide open for our Will to come help for 5 weeks and we are SO grateful to you both. Wow! Many huge thanks Uncle Joseph for helping Will locate that lovely truck! I can't believe how great it looks. Will, your dream has finally come true! "ditto" You certainlly are a handsome dude! Keep up the good work my friend. Love MomBee

Anonymous said...

whoops! they are YOUR doors, not their doors! Duh. Yippe it worked, and I didn't freeze my computer posting a little note. XOXO Bee

chou-chou said...

wow, that is one SWEET ride!
Will, watch out man, the chicks are going to be all over you now!

(Sorry Mary Bee, but it's just plain true - he is A-DOR-a-buhl.)

Great photos, and that pasta looks delish!!

Anonymous said...

Will sure does have that Carver look about him! Looks like his uncle Mike when he was that age...but with more hair! What a neat family! HOw are the arms Clare?