Thursday, July 12, 2007

eggs and young men

What do these two things have in common?

... they have both arrived at the farm...

My nephew Will, has come to Big Table to work for about 6 weeks. He's been a great help so far..
among many of the farm projects Will has done... he has: worked in the gardens, watered trees, cleared brush, moved goat pens, chipped burn piles and helped b chop down a tree... He's been very busy and I'm sure will go home to Wisconsin thinking this farming thing is for the birds... : )

And our hens are finally starting up we are only 4 eggs a day at the moment (I'm hoping for closer to 15-20 but I know I must be PATIENT!!!) it's exciting to see them starting to come in though! : ) go hens go!!


chou-chou said...

Clare, those egg photos are GORGEOUS.

Love how Brian has cut off his hair and Will has more than enough to go around. :-)

Clare Carver said...

truth be told I "enhanced" the egg shots in photoshop to realy make 'em look colorful : ) ..