Monday, October 10, 2016

it's been far too long!!

Hello Everyone - I'm FINALLY doing some re-caps here from our amazing summer we've had on the farm. I apologize for being gone from the blog so much -- My phone makes it way to easy to post on instagram and face book and my poor blog is getting short shrift...  but rest assured we are still here busy as ever and thriving !!   These are some shots both from farm dinners, bringing in hay this summer as well as a super visit with my sister... just some highlights!

Bringing in the hay is always a highlight of summer for me it's good clean hard work and I have a hand full of great friends that are just crazy enough to come out and help - My buddy Preston is not only game every year but loans us his truck and flat bed with is a great help - Sarah is always game and Jeff I must say is becoming a damn fine farmer both bucking and stacking... Jeff is always there by my side for the whole 30 tons. Thanks this year also goes out to Kevin, Kevin, Lionel, Scott, Tommy and Trevor : ) Cheers Everyone! and thank you! Tommy I will always remember you getting behind the wheel of our pick up for your 'first drive' -- everyones first time behind the wheel should be in a hay field IMO ...

These next two shots are from my sisters visit - she fit right in from picking tons of blackberries and pulling tansy weed to ironing linens and setting a beautiful table for our amazing farm dinner pre IPNC to pulling on her boots and heading out to the beach with the boys! It was a full and wonderful visit!  


The summer was punctuated by two amazing farm dinners one very small one for 16 special guests at the big table and the Outstanding in the field dinner for 150 at a really big table! Both awesome. Tim Wastell and David Padberg cooked the small dinner.  Tim, David, Jobie, Eloise and a hand full of other AMAZING talented humans cooked for the other! -- It's pretty awesome to know that this farm and these wines bring so many together. Thanks go to neringa sunday for the beautiful photos of the  outstanding meal - 

so much talent in this line up!! Love all you guys! 

goatio - she's just shameless! ; ) 


and the more intimate dinner - with these two amazing guys! 



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Grandma Bunny said...

Such beautiful shots telling an incredible story W E L L worth waiting for.
Thanks soooo much, Mr. and Ms. Big Table!