Monday, October 10, 2016

and art making happened this summer too!

In addition to hosting dinners and wine guests and doing the 'work'

 Brian and I made our art! and enjoyed the farm this summer!!

Brian got lots of time in the beautiful garden he made and I got studio time and time with my horses.

Brian included me in the blending this year more than in the past and we had some pretty romantic sundays in the cellar barrel tastings and building the 2015 blends! It was lovely! 

Romance and Art punctuated the 2016 summer for Brian and I - it was pretty dreamy! 

We certainly are enjoying all the fruits of our work! 

thank you all for being part of this dream! 

the 2015 labels got crafted

and the 2015 blends created 

my art studio is finally getting used again! 


and Curley the bull came to big table farm to be sure ALL the ladies are happy! : )  

romance is NOT dead!! 


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