Sunday, February 28, 2016

this weekend was all white wine and oysters!! : )

Brian spoke at the chardonnay celebration and we got to try his wine along with 4 other winemakers wine from one vineyard it was very cool!! Oregon Chardonnay is happening people... pale, clean and bright with beautiful acid and delicate fruit, flowers and citrus all peeking out and in perfect balance...

then we enjoyed a day of oysters and white wine ...  Tom from Taylor Shellfish came by for a wine and oyster tasting...  I learned the art of shucking... I thought I knew how to shuck an oyster -- pry it open at the hinge try not to get stuff inside and try not to mess up the oyster itself... right? .. well kind of there a lot of subtlety to getting it open perfectly and efficiently and keeping the oyster pristine and completely perfect!! so fun to learn! Thanks Tom!!

oyster with Prosciutto on top!! well why the hell not : ) 

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