Sunday, February 21, 2016

a little catch up in photos

 Spring is close... very very close...

brian's garden is making beautiful raab

and this years prosciutto's are safely tucked in the wine cellar

 I lost a hive which is always bitter sweet with the sweet part being a mid winter harvest of honey.

brian's epic summer and fall garden has continued to give as a winter garden! 

the 2015 bean harvest was spectacular 

there has been some time here and there for driving and riding horses : )   

we may have enjoyed one or two bottles of the elusive queen (to be released later this spring) 

more great press rolled in : ) 

we spent 3+ weeks of our year in the warehouse 
with a great crew hand labeling and wrapping the 14 vintage!  

Brian and I have had fun successful foraging forays around the farm for mushrooms and truffles! 


We said good bye to Bert and Ernie  


And had a super fun day of butchering with some great chefs!

I managed to paint in december! 

and the dogs caught up on there long winter naps... 

we got a few snowfalls :  )  

and Mr. Winston joined the family!

the elk came to visit quite a bit this winter : ) 

A little barrel tasting with my sweetie!! 

and a few winter naps for me too!


Winston and Goatio are bff's  

The animals get out on the warm dry days ! 

we took a few nips of the 14's - coming soon!!

so another year behind or in front of us depending on perspective... live each day fully and have a good time because it's a matter of perspective ... 

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