Wednesday, February 18, 2015

they are comming!!!

a vertical 'staff' tasting  

So we cracked open the soon to be released 13's with some older wines yesterday. It was super fun to taste the 11, 12 and 13 chard and the two soon to be released '13 pinots with there '11 cousins...

Tiffany and I especially where anxious to taste and hear brian's analaysis of the wines as we are the ones who will soon be talking to all of you about them - I'm excited to tell you they are stunning! - There will be real live tastings notes and vintage notes from brian comming out in the news letter march 4th when these puppies are released... but sufficed to say 13 most notably has beautiful spice and structure with a similar frame to the '10 and '11 vintage and incredible balance as with all brian's wines. It was also remarkable how much stylistic similarities there are with each wine across vintages ...   he's good that's all I can say...  March 4th is the release date... if you don't get the letter for some reason drop me a note... cheers! Clare

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