Wednesday, May 28, 2014

now that goatio is in charge around here things are really rolling!!

Goatio tells me the forms for the footings are going in tomorrow... she seems to have everything under control... whew! I'm so happy to see things are finally moving under her watchful eye... 


on another note... 

We have 4 each of the Rose and 'Writz Garden' Edelwicker in magnums!
these are the PERFECT summer bottles!

the Rose is $65 and 'Wirtz Garden' Edelwicker is $70

(ps no shipping or discounts or industry pricing avail on these special bottles - 
you can pick them up next time you come by btf)
e-mail me if you'd like one these are first come first serve! : ) cheers!

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MaryBee Engelman said...

Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah - You've started - been SO on my mind Clare! Congrats you two and Goatio too! btw: I LOVE Goatio's name! What a personality - adds so much to your BT!