Monday, May 19, 2014

finally painting again!!

 went for a walk this morning and picked wild flowers from the ditch and got my self into the studio at long last!

on the way out to sketch the ditch flowers ... I watched one of my two active hives swarm which is really amazing... they landed on a near by tree to high to catch the swarm... so lucky for me I had just finished up my hives last night!! so I put them out in hopes that the swarm will decide one of the two is a worthy  home -- cross your fingers ; )

when Laura and I put new boxes on the hives we oepned it up and saw a bunch of queen cells and miss laura called it she said watch for your hive to swarm in the next week.... yup !!  : ) 

these next shots are just fun shots around the farm of the animals enjoying the grass!!  

running the smoker this past weekend for our bacon party for our customers - thank you to all that come out it was a BIG day for us!! thank you for taking so much wine back to your tables!! cheers! 

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MaryBee Engelman said...

Positively Idyllic! Your art & photos of a beautiful life shared with so many brings true joy to my heart for you both!