Friday, May 10, 2013

more bees

My good friend Laura and her husband caught and delivered another swarm to Big Table Farm tuesday morning .. Laura and I 'installed' them and they seem to be accepting there new home - 
this is that hive I blogged about back in February that I made a roof for and fixed up it was fun to get bees in it ... : ) crossing there fingers they stay. I saw pollen getting imported to the other hive I installed a few weeks ago so in the bee department things seem to be going well!

The dogs were quite fascinated by the bees late yesterday afternoon when they were especially active...


Rae said...

Very cool on the bees! We're hoping to catch another swarm this year.

What breed of dogs are those? The dark one is gorgeous (the light one is cute too). Catahoula?

Clare Carver said...

good luck on the swarm rae! and yup catahoulas : ) mother and son (dark one is the son)