Monday, May 13, 2013

A weekend on the farm

We took the weekend off from wine tastings - to work in the garden and do things around the farm and it was DREAMY !! 

the garden is mostly in - 22 tomatoes,  garlic, onions, garlic, favas, corn, beets, flowers, beens, kale, lettuce, squash... the list goes on... we got a little spring rain last night too!! so nice ....

 a very pregnant Bella and her baby daisy from last year - on mothers day

Brian has been working on the old screen door that was in pieces when we bought this place and completely took it apart re-build it painted in and gave it new screening and hung it back up!! I love it - and him ; )  just what every farm house needs!! 

always good to have a glass of chardonnay while hanging a screen door... this was from a magnum from our wedding : ) pretty darn good for a 2005 ! 

happy spring...!

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MaryBee Engelman said...

Now that is a beautiful screen door - really! I love how supported it is at "knee-jerk, elbow & foot shove" levels! Nice work Brian. xo Bee