Wednesday, October 10, 2012

it's raining grapes

It's been a great couple days as the fruit rolls in. We will be pulling in pretty much our entire production this week! Today we have a tiny respite from getting fruit and there are a 1000 things to get ready in the winery and at home for Thursday and Friday but things seem to be getting done. We've had incredible volunteers to sort fruit and more great folks coming Thursday and Friday. In the winery working along side Brian we have the A-team back from last year plus some - Lester and Katie are back!! Lester for his third harvest with us and Katie her second it's so amazing to have these guys back there energy and spirit truly makes the wine better! We also have our friends Sean and Jeremy coming in for shorter stints to help out.

The fruit is beautiful his year we hardly need to sort it ... but of course we do because that's how we role. There is not a stitch of rot or dessication. It's all perfectly ripe and looks like we will have it all pretty much in by the time the rain the folks are talking about comes in this weekend...

the great thing about this photo is her name really is Lucy! : )

So I'm off to thaw some beef for tomorrows lunch and take care of farm stuff - btw I did load up the washer and took it into town no word yet from the fix-it guy but I'll keep you posted : )


KAB said...

That photo of the falling grapes just kills me it's so gorgeous. And Katie and Lucy are a crack-up. Such pin-up girls!

Anonymous said...

Oh - these are such GREAT photos of such a great community of friends! Wow Kudos Clare & Brian! pin-up girls for sure! xox Bee