Monday, October 15, 2012

gratitude and happiness - once again

There is lots to do today in the office - yesterday was moving the cows and getting caught up in the garden... the list doesn't end - but this morning I am struck by a few things...  it's process and I'm in it (I have company) and it's not about finishing the list it's about living the list.

The second thing I'm sitting here in awe of this morning is - there have been anywhere from 4 - 12 people at the big table for dinner every night since harvest started in earnest just over a week ago. It's people who are 'helping out' - people like Lucy that showed up yesterday for a full day of farm work we got the cows moved, prepped the second batch of tomatoes for caning and did a switcheroo on the bee hives that needed to get done.  Elaine - who showed up to help went into town and for me took care of the grocery list and fetched Jeremy and Katie - who are working side by side with brian at the winery. And sean who just left - who flew up here from berkeley for 5 days to 'just help'  Sean I can't even begin to thank you enough!!

I have no idea how this giving and recieveing thing works but it does and I'm just so damn grateful... It truly feels like a big table and I know thats cheezy but ...  the longer this farm and winemaking project is growing here the more I feel like it has it's own life. I had this wonderful warm feeling last night as those guys came up the driveway and and then they got out of the car and took in groceries changed there clothes came out and joined lucy and I as we finished up ... and katie spontaneously started digging the rest of the potatoes she and brian had started working on .. then we all came in and cooperativily made dinner. It was really beautiful it was the essence of us humans is all our speldor being happy, cooperative, celebratory and openly loving eachother. 

I'm pretty much the happiest girl on the planit...  I only hope I can give back one tiny part of what all these incredible people share of them selves -- I will say it again -- Thank you!!

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Cecelia (CC) said...

"the giving and receiving thing"...
Yeah, isn't it fun to loose track? Who knows how it all works, and, who cares! You're all happy and having a great time. That's what matters. So glad for all of you. Big cheers to Big Table.