Sunday, September 23, 2012

doing another painting challange

I just did some work on my taxes NOT very fun for me at all but in doing so I got to run some reports - and to my delight my painting income over the last 4 years has increased exponentially in comparison to my design income ... yes my design income has gone down a bit (due to other little things taking my time like running a farm and winery) but the painting income HAS slowly but surely increased each year... this has buoyed my resolved to get into the studio and PAINT!

sooo my friend Lester and I are doing another challenge this time it's a bit shorter ... I will be doing a painting a day for ten days ... the catch this time is my hope is to do this abotu 1x each month... we'l see I'm starting with ten days!! so here's goes... day one for me was yesterday and I have some nice fall fruit for today!! 

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Cecelia (CC) said...

I really like the little white barn in the curve - somewhere between the old country and the new century. It makes me dream.