Tuesday, June 5, 2012

La trip... another weekend of high heels to boots!!

We just got home from a great trip down to LA It was a full few days but met some great folks saw family and friends and shared some amazing winemaker dinners!!

The first stop Thursday evening was at The Cheese Cave  it's run by some good friends who are doing a great job and have access to some of the most amazing cheese they are so knowledgeable if you are ever in that neck of the woods don't miss out on stopping by to pick up some really beautiful artisan cheese and a bottle of wine! We did a very intimate cheese wine pairing gathering with them in the shop which was just lovely!



Friday we toured around LA seeing some of our accounts and got to take in the sights a bit note the tiny Hollywood sign in the background just to the left of Brian's palm tree antenna : )  

Then came back to my cousins house who hosted us and got gussied up to go to the Valley Hunt Club of Pasadena where we attended a winemaker dinner featuring our wines benefiting the foothill family service. It was a lovely dinner and chef Michael  did a great job! and I got to rock my mommas pearls which always makes me feel VERY fancy! : ) also note my VERY pale Oregon farmer legs that only see jeans... yikes... I'm not the panty hose kind of girl but perhaps that's something I may have to consider...

The table was beautiful right down to little name tags made of our wine label art! : ) nice touch ...

Saturday we got to enjoy some family time  this is the birthday boy jack who celebrated his 2nd birthday  : ) and then that evening went to yet another lovely winemaker dinner hosted by Julie of Julienne (a San Marino establishment) - This was a special dinner and we were truly honored to be hosted! Thanks Julie!!

Sunday Brian came back to the farm and I stayed on one more day to meet with a wine label client just outside Santa Barbara - I got a text from him that morning letting me know he'd left his car for me at the valet park at LAX so I dropped Brian of and happily got into this little baby and headed up the coast to the ranch.

The ranch was amazing! and as you can see this client and I had nothing in common - this is Blair and the lovely Holly who can ride really well AND cook a beautiful meal - my kind of woman!

Of course I had to tour ALL of this beautiful property to get a feel for the place so I can do my best work for them  : ) This very fancy cutting horse of theirs took excellent care of me I will say we did significantly more 'running' than I EVER do on my boys!

I touched down in PDX to a txt from Brian saying the first calf was just born so I came home to our first 2012 calf a bull calf from the lovely Josephine - he's VERY healthy I think our biggest calf! Thanks Julia, Michael and Sarah for being 'on duty' 


Anonymous said...

So will he possibly be Julius or Caeser? in honor of Luna Plena (the full moon) he was born under? Congrats to both of you and especially to his gorgeous Mom Josephine! Loved every single shot in this post! It's been a while since you've posted, and I check you every day, so today's was a real treat! xox Bee

Cecelia (CC) said...

Gotta love it when it all comes together...cows and horses, wine and cheese, boots and heels, friends and health, business and pleasure.