Saturday, June 30, 2012

busy summer = no blogging

Sorry I've been pretty M.I.A in the blogging department of late - Our days have been filled with wine tastings, baby cows, moving pasture, wine dinners, dinners with friends, hosting wine people, working in the garden, did I mention wine tastings oh and all the regular farm chores - oh and somewhere in the there I do my graphic design work and paintings... all good of course I'm sure you are all sitting there going blah blah blah - clare stop whining .. so I'll stop and just share some photos of the month of june around here......  oh wait, one more little bitch though --- sometime in the next week is going to be time to pick up hay!  (that's the thing with hay ma nature is in charge and you just never know when it's coming) I'm kind of dreading it to be honest it's a LOT of work and my week next week is already full I'm not sure where there is going to be time for picking up hay ... but there is about to be about 20 tons to pick up out of the fields ....when the sun shines you make hay and when the hay is ready you pick it up! - so this weekend I'll work on moving the boys out of the barn and getting that ready...more on that as it unfolds... and now on to the farm photos : )

Bella and Daisy 

enjoying the farm with good friends!

Karl the latest addition to BTF!! 

 "does my dad actually know what he's doing?!"

Grandma Josephine looking on at her daughter Bella's little girl -her grand daughter Daisy : )

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! Hang in there Clare; I have every confidence your hay will be gathered with lots of help from your many wonderful friends!