Thursday, October 13, 2011

MIX the Oreogonain's food magazine printed a beautiful spread!!

Thank you Danielle and MIX Magazine!!

Click to read about an epic dinner here at the farm with some of Portland's best chefs!!!

Thanks gentleman - for making it so amazing!!!!

click here to read the whole story!!

photos by Clare Carver and Taylor Schefstrom

BIG GIANT Thanks go to our friends aka collaborators !!
I love you guys!!!

John G for the pasta, for flying up for the meal and for being YOU!
Chris DiMinno of Clyde Common
Rebecca and David Padberg of Park Kitchen
Jason French of Ned Ludd
Lester and Sara - 'the glutan free cowgirl'
Matt and Angie - Love and Squalor Wine
Kurt and Natalie of Beaux Freres and Lemelson
Johanna and Laura for the flowers!
Chris and Amy of Square Peg Farm

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