Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Full swing!!!

Well harvest has started - we brought our first grapes in last week and will be bringing in all the rest by Friday!! Every thing looks amazing we are very excited this year!! we've had amazing help so far !! - thanks to all who have come out!

Other than the grape harvest Mila has helped me bring in and press 15 gallons of apples juice which is now all caned and ready for winter!! Big Thanks to Chris and Amy of Square Peg Farm for the use of there beautiful press!!

Then of course it's not fall with out the pumpkin patch plow!! thank you Duane and his beautiful Shires!!

The cows on there new pasture : )

and the lovely Mila relaxing post carving! Happy fall

1 comment:

Chris Carver said...

Nothing shows the commanding STATURE of the shires
like the shot follownig the one with Clare at the plow.
Sooo glad to meet you, Mila- safe journey home! gb