Thursday, May 5, 2011

nothing but a big old pile of sh__t

we went out yesterday to check the bees and to our delight looks like they might call that hive home!! - that's a lot of polination for our garden and farm as well as a lot of honey!!! yippie - big giant thank you to laura!!!

then we wandered over to see how our manure pile is cooking along... we turned it over with some layers of some organic straw a month or so ago. When we did this we also put in some 'chimneys' brian made out of drain pipe with lots of holes to create air flow in the pile. This is to speed up the aerobic activity.. and it's working great - nice job brian on the great idea!! I'm very excited to put this on the garden!!

so all inspired we went to work on turning the second pile and adding pipes to that too!!! that's some good shit!

The dogs and horses were a generally useless part of this project but they sure did enjoy the sunshine as did we!

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