Monday, December 6, 2010

VERY happy me

Saturday was my birthday- I write this not to solicit Happy Birthday wishes but to share and thank my very sweet friends for the fabulous day... the day was PERFECT!! it started with chores and a leisurely morning then friends started arriving mid morning and the bloody Marys started flowing.. then there was a hike up to the woods while me and a few girl friends played with horses... then we went in side where there was egg nog made my the lovley laura with BTF eggs and fablouse raw milk from charlotte! ... dinner was chicken and pork from Big Table and veggies from square peg farm... and all prepped by many hands but masterminded and chefed (if that's a word) by Mr Padberg of Park Kitchen ... It was an amazing meal and a very special evening of treasured friends, great food and puppies!...

we were not short of drink...

a thank you also goes out to Duane and Diane who collaborated on this super thoughtful gift -- if you look closely between my two horses there's a leather harness keeper that is festooned with our logo made from some vintage flatware Diane found which I'm sure took some doing as it had to be child size to fit the heart ... thank you two... totally wonderful!

Here's a close up : )

till next year ...


Cecelia (CC) said...

a kind of flatware
a house
a label
a process
of picking,
by hand,
with hand tools,
with fire
with animals


Celia said...

OK, so, the gift from Duane and Diane? I hate to overpost but truly, THAT is worth recognition. So sweet.