Sunday, July 18, 2010

Buckin' hay and long summer days!

It's been beautiful and we are thankful as we've been getting up and getting after it around here the last few weeks between getting our place cleaned up and bringing in our first crop of hay!! we've been head down tail up for a few weeks now.

we are just about done getting the barn all cleaned out and thanks to Brian propped up - note new posts and cement on right side!!

you can see my 8 year old farm helper with me up on the bale wagon in this shot! her mom was takin' a well deserved break from helpin' thanks jess for comin' out and being game : )

I'll be happy to not buck any more hay for another year!

There were multiple vehicles used to bring in the hay

and multiple helpers at different times.. thanks Louis

these yahoo's didn't help at all!!

this dosen't look like much but I promise you it's not easy getting the bales up on top of the stack! This is abotu 7 tons of hay that we picked up out of the field stacked into the truck and trailer and then unloaded and then re-stacked into the barn - makes my back sore just typing it : )

I was happy to collect the evening eggs they are much lighter than the bales!

I did enjoy an end of day ride on hummer this evening at abotu 8:30 pm when we finally stopped it was my reward after a long weekend of farm work. - Thanks Hummer : )


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm sure glad that job is finished for you two and friends. Whew! Great job on the barn Brian. I'll bet the fragrance is awesome in that rejuvinated barn!

Portland Charcuterie Project said...

I have tons of memories of bucking hay when I was a kid!!

PS.. just tried your laughing pig rose for the first time... LOVED IT.. but it's a bit pricy at $22/bottle.

Do you guys offer case discounts?


Clare Carver said...

Hi Todd so glad you liked the wine!! : ) loved your blog...

Clare Carver said...

Todd re - $ - Finely made hand crafted products often are more expensive but worth it. as I know you appreciate from your charcuterie - this wine is limited to only 6 bottles per customers due to demand and it being almost sold out - thanks for you interest... cheers - clare

Regina @VestPocketFamilyFarm said...

Nothing better than a full hay barn.

You might look for a hay elevator to help lift to the top? Our hired help love the thing.

H and H could pull a trailer and haul hay. Himself says so. ;)) (Not that the Fjords did, they mowed and raked though.)