Monday, April 26, 2010

more spring beauty!

I feel pretty darn lucky to live here this time of year... Ronnie is doing great nursing and running around... so cute I've picked him up a few times for various reasons and oh man so soft and warm and cuddly!!! the spring pigs are on new pasture and having a grand time!!

In wine news - the rose is getting bottled on Wednesday!! and the release letter will be going out THIS WEEK!!! for the rose and the '07 syrah (this is the first release of two wines that have been sold out for a while now so e-mail me if you're not on my list) This Rose is different (better IMO) than the '07 Laughing pig it's from a beautiful vineyard I'm super excited about it's the first organically certified vineyard in Oregon and is over 30 years old! - don't worry we made pinot from this fruit too!! (that will be realy in the fall!)


Joseph said...

Sounds like BTF is brimming with life and goodness.

Love you so,


porter said...

awesome. you better save me some of that rose!

Cecelia (CC) said...

I like Ronnie



Cecelia (CC) said...

So, how much longer before Clementine can announce her news? When will we know? You said six weeks. Has it been at least three?

Anonymous said...

Yay Rose!

Ronnie is a doll!

Sara V.